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Real Estate In Red Sea

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Real estate in the Red Sea

Real estate in the Red Sea

Many people are looking for Real estate in the Red Sea, whether to rent or buy. Because the largest governorate in Egypt is the Red Sea Governorate. It encompasses a large portion of the eastern desert and extends along the Red Sea coast. It reaches the Sudanese border from a latitude of roughly 29 degrees north. Likewise, it is surrounded by a plain desert to the west. In truth, the landscape of this province resembles a straightforward desert. It occupies around 5% of Egypt’s entire land area.it makes a Real Estate In Red Sea good Chance for investor ,

Real estate in the Red Sea

The Red Sea Governorate’s capital, Hurghada, is a significant oil center and the location of oil fields. In this vast province, it is also the most well-known resort. Many people are looking for Real estate in the Red Sea. But Ain Sukhna, Hamrwein, and Bar Safaga are more industrial locations. The latter functions as the oil pipeline’s Gulf of Suez terminal for the Mediterranean. Additionally, a deep-water shipping port is located there. The Egyptian government often takes the Alabaster, porphyry, granite, and sandstone out of the Eastern Desert Mountain. Beyond Egypt’s northern capital, a highway follows the Red Sea’s coastline to Suez. It also travels directly south to the border with Sudan.  As a result, it connects all the coastal cities throughout this vast province. In addition, several highways have been built by the Egyptian government to link this governorate to the Nile Valley. For instance, a freeway connects Safaga with Qena, Luxor, Sohag, and Assiut. A second freeway connects Edo, Luxor, and Aswan with Marsa Alam. To get to the Nile Valley, several roads traverse the desert.

Why purchase the Real estate in the Red Sea?

Homes available for a reasonable price in the red sea

The city of Red Sea is gaining popularity as tourists from around the world visit it daily. The city’s tourism boom has contributed to the demand for the real estate market, which prompted real estate companies to become interested in working in the city and expanding the construction of real estate in it. What sets us apart is that we can give you The Best Offers on Real Estate, which may reach 202,460 pounds, in a Four-star resort.

Includes the most prominent cities and tourist attractions

The most well-known cities and tourism destinations are included: The administrative center of the Red Sea Governorate is called Hurghada in Arabic. Quseer, Shalateen , Halayeb , Marsa Alam  , Ras Ghareb  ,Safaga


The Red Sea Governorate’s Hurghada stretches for around 40 km along the Red Sea’s coastline. It lies 446 kilometres south of Cairo and 225 kilometres from the closest governorate in the Nile Valley, Qena.  From its boundaries: Ras Ghareb to the north –  Safaga, a well-known vacation spot, to the south . The Red Sea coast to the east – Assiut Governorate to the west


In the Red Sea Governorate, the city of Safaga stretches for roughly 70 km along the Red Sea coastline. Safaga is around 500 km south of Cairo and 180 km from Qena, the governorate in the Nile Valley that is nearest. Hurghada to the north, Al-Qusayr to the south, the Red Sea coast to the east, and Qena Governorate to the west form its borders.

City of Marsa Alam

The Red Sea Governorate in Egypt’s Marsa Alam metropolis stretches for around 540 km along the Red Sea coast. Additionally, it is 365 kilometers from Luxor and 325 km from the closest governorate in the Nile Valley, Aswan. Al-Qusayr to the north, the Sudanese border to the south, the Red Sea coast to the east, and Aswan Governorate to the west from its borders.

Living low standard

Red Sea locals are aware of how inexpensive and economic life there is in comparison to big European cities, and given the strong currency exchange rates against the Egyptian pound, it has developed into the perfect location for a second home by the sea. For instance, we discover that the cost of gasoline in Egypt is around 17 pence per liter. Therefore, it is one of the primary options for those wishing to rent or buy real estate in Red Sea.

Luxurious resorts

In addition to having some top resorts and properties in the Red Sea, as an example, Sharm el-Sheikh also boasts some of the best natural reserves in the world and an incredible underwater environment that attracts divers from all over the world. In addition to being close to the beach, there are facilities which be also adjacent to two golf courses in Nabq Bay.

Managing the delivery of real estate

If you decide not to use your property throughout the year, Real estate in Red Sea Marketing Company gives you the option to turn it over to the resort management office, which generates an instant profit and a projected yearly revenue of 10%.

Securing the financial system and economy

Protecting it economically is advantageous for investors, as it is in Egypt. real estate in the red sea loan is one of the recently introduced transactions in Egyptian banks in 2008, but with the establishment of organized regulations to ensure the safety of working with it, Egypt was not affected by the global financial crisis, keeping the banking economy strong and safe.  Bank interest rates ranged between 6-8% annually free of taxes, which is one of the most important reasons that prompted investors to direct their money to buy real estate in Red Sea. One of the key factors that led investors to divert their capital towards real estate purchases was the availability of bank interest rates that ranged between 6 and 8 percent per year, free of taxes.

Very high rate of return

The past two years have seen economic growth in Red Sea, and prices for real estate have climbed by roughly 10% yearly, particularly for developments in Nabq Bay, which ensures the stability and stability of the value of your assets.

Weather circumstances

The Red Sea region is known for having a great temperature with bright sun all year round, hot, dry weather, and extremely low humidity, which makes the area a favorite travel destination for most Europeans. Wintertime temperatures often range between 24 and 25 degrees Celsius.

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