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Competitive Analysis
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Optimal Boost

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$500/per month

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10 Keywords Tracked & Managed
1 Monthly Email Send
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All Basic Services Include:

Turbo Start

Perfect for Online Businesses

$799/per month

Pay Annual & Get 2 Months Free! ($11,990/yr.)

Analysis, Brand & Website
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25 Keywords Tracked & Managed
PPC Campaign Management
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All Basic Services Include:

Our answers to the questions most commonly asked. Ask us a Question

FAQsDigital Marketing Packages & Pricing FAQ's

Digital Marketing is all about driving the right audience to your website. Our Digital Marketing FAQ can help answer any questions you may still have about the services we offer. Here are answers to the most common Digital Marketing FAQs.

When it comes to digital marketing, we have the answers! Below is a list of questions frequently asked by various people, business owners and marketers. We have compiled this list based off of the questions that we are often asked by our clients and the questions that are commonly asked online and on social media.

Link acquisition, or link building, is a main component of off-page SEO. This is when links to your domain are placed on other domains. These links are often referred to as backlinks.

The benefit of these links is that they signal to Google and other search engines that your content is valuable, almost acting as a digital reputation builder. 

When considering expanding your business there are lots of options. Targeting new markets is one way to do so.
While it makes sense to first target new markets in your domestic country of operations, targeting a new international market could be a good option too.
Reaching a global market can be a daunting task but doing so brings many benefits. You may also find that further expansion in your domestic market isn’t possible and/or it’s more profitable to expand to a foreign market.
There are a range of ways to enter a foreign market from setting up a new subsidiary to setting up franchises or undertaking acquisitions.
If you’re considering expanding into foreign markets, keep reading for our top tips for reaching a global marketplace.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing practice that helps make your website visible on search engine results pages (SERP). It is made up of technical, on-page, and off-page components.
It involves adjusting and optimizing your website’s functionality, content, and content promotion in order to rank highly on SERP.
Ultimately, SEO practices are intended to work with search engine algorithms. Things the algorithms look for include a well functioning website, high-quality content including keywords, and high traffic and time on site.

It Helps You Rank Better In Local Searches
And nearly 80% of local searches on mobile lead to conversions. Local SEO strategies can help you attract these searchers who are often ready to buy. The first step to getting started with local SEO strategies is creating a Google My Business account.

Marketing covers many different strategies including branding, content marketing, public relations, sales strategy, and more. Advertising is one of the strategies underneath the marketing umbrella.

Brand audits are essential to understanding where your business stands in the market. They help you understand what you’re doing well and what could be improved.
This allows you to continuously improve your strategy helping to keep customers satisfied and keep your brand relevant in the market.
Performing a brand audit can help you understand the following:
Your position in the market and what improvement strategies should be developed.
Your customer expectations and if your products or services are aligned accordingly.
Your strengths and weaknesses.
Your brand sentiment.
What opportunities you could take advantage of and the major threats your business faces.

Regular website copy such as “About Us” pages and product and services description pages are not very personable. Having a blog gives your brand a voice. Blogging can help build brand image and create relationships with your audience.
A blog allows you to become more relatable, approachable, and friendly even if using a more professional voice.
For example, a cosmetics company may have a blog with a friendly, upbeat tone, like a friend is giving you advice. Whereas a financial company blog will be more authoritative and knowledgeable. Both of these are relevant to the brand and product or service being promoted and will improve the connection with your target market.
Be careful you identify the correct tone for your target market. Depending on the exact target audience, switching the two voices in the example given would probably not be beneficial to either brand.

Optimizing your website and its content to appear high up on search engine results pages is highly important to your marketing strategy.
This technique of optimizing your website and content to rank well on Google and other search engines is called SEO, or search engine optimization. While you may think SEO isn’t important for your local business, that’s definitely not the case!
Approximately 80% of consumers use search when looking for local information. By not optimizing for local search, you’re missing out on these consumers finding you.
To understand specifically how to improve local SEO, keep reading for some easy to implement tactics.

Our answers to the questions most commonly asked. Ask us a Question

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