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Things to do in sharm Elshiekh

 What is it?

Why do many searches for things to do in Sharm Elshiekh ? Sharm El Sheikh, a seaside city in southern Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, is the destination of choice, and millions of visitors flock to its stunning beaches every year. Sharm Elshiekh is well-known among European tourists and Saudis looking for a more laid-back atmosphere of its abundance of activities to keep guests happy.

Things to do in sharm Elshiekh

Your tolerance for the heat will probably determine the ideal time of year to visit Sharm then knows things to do in Sharm Elshiekh. The ideal months for swimming and diving are March, April, May, and from late October to early November. While the sea is quite warm, and you can enjoy lengthy dives there, the summer can be extremely hot, making it challenging to walk outside during the day, especially in August.


Surprisingly, human habitation of Sinai dates back more than 8000 years, when Bronze Age hunters combed the region in quest of their newly discovered precious metal.

The monarchs of the Pharaohs realized the significance of South Sinai as a key mining zone for various types of metal with the advent of the dynastic era in ancient Egyptian history when King Menes united Southern and Northern Egypt under one realm.

In reality, there are still remnants of a few historic quarries to the north of Sharm El Sheikh, close to the city of Dahab. Moses guided the Israelite’s through Sinai’s untamed deserts in the 15th century BC. Moses was sent words from God at Moses Mountain, which is close to Saint Catharine Monastery.

Many Egyptian Christians fled to South Sinai during the Roman occupation of Egypt in the fifth century AD to avoid the tyranny of the Roman emperors, and they created the Saint Catharine Monastery, the earliest monastery ever built and still in use today.

How did Sinai develop?

Sinai developed to become a significant transit hub for pilgrims traveling from Egypt to Mecca during the Islamic era in Egypt. On their lengthy journey, these travelers even encountered a few tiny villages that might meet their demands. The battles between Egypt and Israel predominate throughout Sinai’s modern history.

After the first conflict between the two sides broke out in 1967, Sinai came under Israeli control before Egypt reclaimed control of the peninsula in October 1973.

Anwar El Sadat, the previous president of Egypt, signed the Camp David peace accord with Israel in 1978, which represented a watershed in the history of Sinai since this was the first time the region had access to contemporary tourism, camping, fishing, and even some basic diving and snorkeling. The city of Sharm El Sheikh was built on a tall rocky spur between 1967 and 1970.

Things to do in Sharm Elshiekh and the most well-known Red Sea resort nowadays is Sharm El Sheikh, which is serviced by one of Ras Nasrani’s major airports. Sharm El Sheikh is currently the epicenter of numerous cultures and the star of Sinai thanks to everything the city has to offer.

Things to do in sharm Elshiekh

So there is no time to spare, let’s get to the list of things to do in Sharm Elshiekh:

Swimming in the Sea at Sharm El Sheikh

The fantastic diving spots in Sharm el Sheikh are by far the most well-liked attraction and the reason most people travel there.

The diving locations near Sharm are extremely outstanding because of their enviable location on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. The Red Sea separates into the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez at this location, which is the main explanation.

As a result, the coral reefs in this area receive an abundance of nutrients, resulting in marine ecosystems that are healthy and robust.

Among the top things to do in Sharm Elshiekh in diving locations are:

The finest location to see enormous pelagic, schooling fish, and sharks are Yolanda and Shark Reef in Ras Mohammad Marine Park.

Four locations in the Straits of Tiran: the Gordon, Thomas, Wood house, and Jackson reefs. Excellent for large schools, healthy corals, sharks, and manta rays.

Local diving spot Temple has a fantastic pinnacle with lots of coral and marine life.

A nearby diving location with an incredible coral garden is called Ras Nasrani.

Additionally, Sharm offers some of the best wreck dives in the world, including the SS Thistlegorm and the 1876 Dunraven wrecks.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park offers visitors a wealth of marine life, world-renowned coral reefs, fantastic snorkeling, and wreck diving.

The Ras Mohammed National Park is what first made Sharm el-Sheikh a well-known tourist destination. It includes some of the most impressive dive locations in the world, beautiful beaches with great snorkeling offshore, the second-most northerly mangrove forest in the world, and an exquisite saltwater lake. Anyone visiting Sharm el-Sheikh must go there. Old Quay Beach and Aqaba Beach are the top beaches.

Things to do in Sharm Elshiekh:

Get some sun rays at Naama Bay

Naama Bay, which is surrounded by a white-sand beach and swaying palm trees, is the focus of Sharm el-resort Sheikh’s scene.

If you grow tired of the sand, there are many cafes, restaurants, and gift shops nearby, but the beach is what Naama Bay is known for.

The entire beach area is surrounded by a pedestrian-only promenade, which is flanked by a collection of high-end and budget hotels.

Naama Bay is one of Egypt’s top beaches if you want to spend your vacation sunbathing like a sloth.

The entire beach area boasts first-rate amenities, such as plenty of sun loungers and sunshades, and the beachside cafés allow you to spend the entire day in your little corner of sand paradise without ever having to leave.

The whole stretch of the beach is divided into distinct parts that are managed and maintained by the hotels, with access provided free of charge to resort visitors.

Always ask about beach access before selecting your Naama Bay lodging, especially if it is not oceanfront.

What season is ideal for traveling to Sharm?

With sunny days anticipated all year round, this resort town is wonderful to visit. However, the majority advise traveling in the spring or fall, between March and May and October and November.

Summer offers the finest visibility for scuba diving, but be ready for extreme heat.

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